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Since its foundation in 1960, Leotrans has remained committed to providing tailor-made road transport services to its customers. We specialize in national road transport and provide container transport, food tanker transport, tipper transport, flat-bed transport services to our customers. We also offer various container services, including container handling, unpacking and storage at our 10.000,00 m² container depot.

Our head offices and container depot are strategically located only 1 km away from the Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) and the Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT). We also maintain an office within the PCT, which enables us to closely monitor the import and export of our customers’ containers and to maintain our schedule integrity by avoiding unnecessary documentation delays.

Our fleet size and diversity offers us flexibility and enables us to transport a variety types of freight including wheat, flour, grain, malt, food, beverages, frozen products, textiles, furniture, detergents, soap products, plastic, building materials, chemicals, copper scrap and copper by products. In particular, we operate and maintain a fleet consisting of :

  • Tractor units
  • 20' feet container chassis
  • 20' feet chassis tippers
  • 40' feet container chassis
  • 20' feet flat-bed trailers
  • 40' feet flat-bed trailers
  • Tipping semi-trailers
  • Tipping silo semi-trailers (food tankers)
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