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Leotrans has been providing the best solutions in the area of tipper transport since 1960. Today, our fleet includes tractor units and tipping semi-trailers that can transport an array of products. They are mainly used in the agricultural sector for the transportation of cereal, wheat and corn, in the industrial sector for the transportation of sand for glass and soda and in the construction industry for the transportation of sand and pumice stone.

We adhere to strict sanitation procedures and standards in order to prevent the alteration and deterioration of our customers’ products and to ensure food safety. The integrity and safety of our customers’ products are of utmost importance to us.

Our tipping semi-trailers are equipped with hydraulic cylinders and are covered by tents if required. They are all made of aluminium in order to weigh lighter and have a carrying capacity of up to 36 cubic meters. Lightweight tipping semi-trailers enable us to carry heavy loads but to also consume less fuel when the tipping semi-trailers are empty. This means significant cost savings for us and more competitive rates for our customers.


  • Long-standing expertise
  • Heavy-haul experience
  • Strict sanitation procedures
  • Safe, efficient and timely transportation