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We have been providing tank transport services for more than 15 years and we possess in-depth expertise in the transport of food products in bulk form. In particular, we transport food products such as cereal, flour, sugar and starches.

Our fleet consists of tipping silo semi-trailers (food tankers), namely road trailers carrying dry bulk cargo in a single compartment vessel. Our food tankers are designed for top loading and for discharge by air pressure and tipping of the vessel.

All of our food tankers have a carrying capacity of up to 35 tons. Further, they are fitted with a moteur, electric compressors, a tipping system and everything else required to ensure safe loading, transportation and tipping.

We offer one stop transportations - this means that we fill the tank at one place and transport it directly to the agreed destination. Throughout this process, we remain in constant communication with our trained drivers via telephone to ensure that everything is going as planned. We are immediately notified of any potential delays, which we try to minimize, and this information is always passed on to our customers.


  • Same day collections
  • Dedicated fleet of food tankers
  • Drivers with in-depth technical expertise
  • Experienced and committed drivers
  • Tireless customer service