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In the world of transport, it’s all about diversity and satisfying the highly varied transport needs of customers! And our fleet of tractor units and trailers provides us with the right means to achieve just that: to fulfill our customers’ every need by transporting a variety types of freight including wheat, flour, grain, malt, food, beverages, frozen products, textiles, furniture, soap products, plastic, building materials, chemicals, copper scrap and copper by products.

The diversity and flexibility of our fleet enables us to carry out container transport, tanker transport, tipper transport, and flat-bed transport services and to provide the best possible solution to our customers. We take extra care to select the best type of trailer or chassis for each freight in order to ensure safe transport and legal compliance. We select the type of trailer or chassis by taking into account the weight of the freight, the freight dimension, as well as the freight type.In particularly, our fleet consists of :

  • 8 fully-equipped tractor units with a tipper system
  • 20' feet container chassis
  • 20' feet chassis tippers
  • 40' feet container chassis
  • 20' feet flat-bed trailers
  • 40' feet flat-bed trailers
  • Tipping semi-trailers
  • Tipping silo semi-trailers (food tankers)

Container transport | Tanker transport | Tipper transport | Flat-bed transport


  • Fleet diversity
  • Competitive rates
  • Short-notice bookings
  • Same day collections
  • Safe and timely transportation
  • Transport optimization to avoid empty runs
  • Personalized communication with customers
  • Vehicles equipped with mobile phones to
      ensure rapid data transmission