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We transport more than 3000 maritime containers annually and are a well-known player in the field of road transport of containers. We offer around the clock transportation services for both the import and export of containers to and from the Piraeus Port Authority and the Piraeus Container Terminal.


As far as imports are concerned, our work begins by sending a truck with a bare chassis to pick-up the laden container at the port terminal. Once the container has been secured on the chassis, our driver either transports it directly to the customer or stores it temporarily at our container depot before delivery (as per the customer’s instructions). Once the laden container has been delivered and stripped, our driver picks up the empty container and drops it off at the port terminal or yard.

Regarding exports, we begin by sending a truck with a bare chassis to pick-up an empty container from the port terminal or yard and then deliver it to the customer for stuffing. Once the container has been stuffed, our driver picks it up and either drops it off at the port terminal for immediate export or temporarily stores it at our container depot before exporting it (as per the customer’s instructions).

All of the above import and export transportation services require coordination and constant communication with the port authorities, custom brokers, steamship lines, yards and customers. And our experienced office staff ensures just that! It remains in constant communication with the steamship lines and yards in order to coordinate the pick-up and drop-off of containers at the yards or ports.

One of our offices is even located in the Piraeus Container Terminal, thus enabling our permanent staff to closely monitor the inbound and outbound containers and to prevent unnecessary documentation delays.


Our container chassis are designed lightweight in order to transport heavy loads placed in 20’ feet, 40’ feet and 45' feet containers. The use of lightweight chassis enables us not only to maximize loads but to also consume less fuel when the chassis are empty. By maximizing loads, we save our customers both time and money!

In particular, we operate and maintain a fleet consisting of:

  • 20ˈ feet standard chassis
  • 20ˈ feet standard chassis designed lightweight to haul heavy loads
  • 20ˈ feet tri-axle heavy haul chassis
  • 20ˈ feet chassis tippers
  • 20ˈ feet tri-axle chassis tippers
  • 40ˈ feet standard chassis
  • 40ˈ feet tri-axle heavy haul chassis

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  • Heavy cargo experience
  • Local and long-haul transportation available
  • Same day pick-up to avoid demurrage and   detention charges
  • Drop-off services at your facilities for   unloading/loading
  • Container pick-up and drop-off at yards
  • Familiarity with container yards and
      steamship lines
  • Gated depot with 24-hour camera   surveillance for container storage